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Become A Member | 106 Field Workshop

As an Incorporated Association, the law requires that membership is established by the payment of a fee to The Association. Apart from that, the purpose of Membership Fees is to cover the running expenses of The Association. Funds for organizing and running events, or acquiring items, are taken from any surplus arising from previous events, special purpose "opt in" levies and from the profits from the sales.


The following may apply for Ordinary Membership

  1. Any person, irrespective of Corps, who was on the posted strength of 106 Fd Wksp RAEME at either of the workshop’s deployment locations at:
    • Nui Dat, South Vietnam (operational deployment) , or,
    • Bonegilla, Victoria (after relocating from South Vietnam), or,
    • Coopers Plains / Enoggera, Queensland (deployments after being re-raised).
  2. Any person who is, or was, on the posted strength of the RAEME workshop element of 104/106 workshop company of  6 BASB  Enoggera, the 106 workshop company of 7 CSSB up until 2013  and the workshop now formally formed as 106 Fd Wksp 7 CSSB located at Enoggera.

(Note: Ordinary Members who were on the posted strength of the workshop when it was raised at Nui Dat in 1968-1971 may be referred to as Foundation Members but this status will not attract any special benefit to those applicable to other Ordinary Members)

The entitlements of Ordinary Membership include:

  • The right to take part in the management of The Association and to determine its activities
  • Mail outs from The Association
  • Access to the books of The Association

The following may apply for Associate Membership:

  • the family (including descendants) of any person who qualifies for Ordinary membership above.
  • persons who served in SVN in other RAEME Units


Apply Online now for Ordinary or Associate Memberships. You will be contacted by the Secretary regarding your eligibility and bank transfer details for membership fee payment.