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Welcome Home Parade, Sydney, 3 October 1987

Sir Colin Hines, OBE, the State President of The NSW Branch of the RSL in 1986, was approached by six Vietnam War Veterans for assistance and advice on conducting a "Welcome Home Parade" in Sydney for all Australian Vietnam Veterans.

Sir Colin said, "Come in boys.", and, notwithstanding the enormous criticism levelled at him from all quarters of the hierarchy of the RSL, Sir Colin stood by those Vietnam Veterans and gave every assistance to what was to become The Australian Vietnam Forces Welcome Home Parade Committee.

That march in Sydney on 3rd October 1987 stunned Australia with its success.

The healing that it produced, which continues today throughout Australia, can be attributed to the foresight and dedication of the one man who stood by the sometimes forgotten standards of the RSL and put those standards into practice.

NSW RSL Newsletter Cover

"Here are some of those who were there."

Some who were there.

"Above: Graham Bleakley & ????."

Some who were there.

"Above: Doug Goodson."

Some who were there.

"Above: Tom Strang."

Some who were there.

"Above: Reg Brown."

Some who were there.

"Above: Brian 'Same-Same' Carter, Graham 'Blue' Hodgson & ???."

Some who were there.

"Above: Elmer 'Fudd' Varga."

Some who were there.

"Above: ???."

Some who were there.

"Above: Alf Westland."

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