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Indigenous Week - 2007

Commemoration to Indigenous Ex-servicemen Adelaide 27 May, 2007

Ollie Wauer


Yesterday, (Sunday 27 may 2007) at the Commemoration to Indigenous Ex-servicemen in Adelaide, Arthur Aplin appeared. Here he is in Monday's paper, The Advertiser. I guess Arthur will not mind me sending this to you as he is made public by appearing in The Advertiser.

Unfortunately I did not catch up with him, nor was able to attend the commemorative service as I was away riding my trike in the boonies. I do not know if you know but Arthur was the medic at 106 before me, I replaced him in December 1969.

The last time I caught up with him was in 1994 in Alice Springs when I was a "chocko" and we were doing some medical work in Alice. Arthur and I got together while (I was) in Alice on our medical mission.



Ollie Wauer

Here's the brief article in The Advertiser:

"Friendships Last Lifetime

The friends you make in the army are friends for life, says Vietnam veteran Gil Green.

"You rely on one another," he said. Mr. Green was among 200 people at yesterday's commemorative service to honour indigenous servicemen and women, at the War Memorial on North Tce. While some had stories to tell about their service, others were there to pay their respects to family members.

Mr. Green was "proud to be part of the Australian Army and proud to be part of this group." "It feels like coming home," he said.

Vietnam veteran Arthur Aplin said today was a significant one for indigenous veterans."

MATES: Gil Green from Port Lincoln, and Arthur Aplin.
The Advertiser, Adelaide, SA. Monday 28 May 2007.