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ANZAC Day - 1995


Dennis Norman reports from Sydney.

Apologies for the quality of the photo. I will try to dig up the original to replace it

Picture shows (L to R)
Ross Kitchener, Alex Visser, Brian Carter and Dennis Norman.

It was taken at an ANZAC Day get-together after the march in Sydney around 1995.I think we were at the Engineers reunion venue before moving on to the RAEME reunion.

I think it's the only time Alex Visser had marched since the Welcome Home Parade (after some encouragement from friends and family).

Actually three of the four shown marched in Sydney again on Anzac Day this year 2002. We hadn't marched together for about four or five years. Ross Kitchener was absent this year. I think he marches down the South Coast somewhere. Ross used to be the Welfare Officer at one of the RSL clubs on the South side of Sydney.

Always on the lookout for other Veterans from 106 Field Workshop at the ANZAC march.