RAEME Corps Badge  

The Nui Dat Site
[In the Dry ~ 1971]

HQ Pl ~ (Headquarters)

  • OC

  • Adjutant & CSM

    • Unit, unit records (incl War Diary) and personnel management

    • Command Post, defence and communications
    • Weapon training and military skills

    • Patrol preparation and liason
    • Deployments including Recovery and Forward Repair Detachments

    • Site Maintenance and Repair

  • Orderly Room

  • Medic

Defence Sector comprising

  • Razor wire perimeter reinforced with command detonated claymore mines and grenade booby traps

  • Two Strong Points, 88 Alpha and 88 Bravo, mounting heavy machine guns; 88 Bravo manned 24 hours per day

  • Three Platoon Sectors

    • 1Pl and 2Pl forward
    • HQ Pl rear

  • Mobile Reserve
    • APC with 10 troops and heavy machine gun
    • Recovery Vehicle with 5 troops and heavy machine gun

HQ Pl ~ (Quarter-Master)

  • Q Store,
  • Technical Store
  • Machinery Loading Lines
  • Auditing

  • Transport
  • Recovery (admin but under operational control of Adjt)

  • messing

  • supplies and services including
    • fire,
    • waste disposal (household and industrial),
    • electricity,
    • water and fuel

  • Civil Affairs

Kitchen and Messes

  • Mens Mess on the left,
  • Sergeants Mess top right,
  • Officers Mess bottom right corner,
  • Kitchen central bottom

Rec Area

  • The Borlace Club,
  • Outdoor Picture Theatre

HQ Pl ~ (Workshop Office)

  • Workshop Manager (2IC) & Artificer Sergeant Major

    • Engineering Management

    • Preparing, staffing and technical control of Forward Repair Detachments

    • Technical Liason with other units

    • Assistance to Tech Support subunits and detachments

    • Over-sighting and preparing reports on Task Force Equipment fitness levels

    • Controlling the receipt, security,and return of equipment under repair

    • Enforcing the 24 hour repair cycle for non-programmed work

    • Liason with 2AOD and 102 Fd Wksp and backloading

    • Initiating and controlling programmed equipment up-gradings and modification

  • Equipment Receipt and Issue Office

HQ Pl ~ (The Ordnance Stores Section [Repair Parts])

  • Control Office

    • Repair Parts Planning
    • Provisioning
    • Accounting

  • Repair Parts Stores

    • Receipts
    • Issue
    • Storage and Maintenance

1Pl ~ (Vehicle) [from left]

  • B Vehicle Shop [non-armoured wheeled]
  • C Vehicle Shop [non-armoured tracked]
  • Service Station and Cleaning Shop

  • Electrical Shop [incl Control Electricians]

  • A Vehicle [Tank] Shop
  • A Vehicle [Carrier] Shop


  • The Hi-Lift bay had reinforced hardstanding needed for the repair of Centurion Tanks and M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers

  • Control Electricians operated from a machinery loading and hoochy at the left of the Hi-Lift Bay

  • Service station was equipped with high pressure water wash particularly to remove visceral matter from damaged Armoured Vehicles before their backloading

2Pl ~ (General Engineering)

  • Heavy Armament and Gun Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Machine Shop

  • Welding and Sheet Metal Shop
  • Paint and Preservation Shop

  • Telecommunications Section
  • Instrument Section