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There is a large number of photographs on our Website - both in Members' Albums and in general collections which graphically record that period of our lives - that are not annotated with important and useful info. The Website Maintenance Crew is working toward rectifying this deficiency but we can only do it with your help. So when you look at your own or someone else's Photo Album and you see someone/something in a picture which is not described, look at the topl left-hand part of your screen and you should see a string of in formation ... record this along with your information as we need this to know which exact picture you are referring to.

So these pages are devoted to finding out WHO people are in the pictures (names wanted), WHAT is happening in the pictures (e.g. APC recovery; going to Vungers; etc) and WHERE was the picture taken (Nui Dat base; stores area; Tels workshop; etc? Please supply any bit of information that comes to mind and send the info using the option at the bottom of the relevant page/s or send an email to webmaster.association@106fdwksp.com with as much info as you like.

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How To Send Your Photos Taken In SVN

  • Would you like to provide photographs of your or other 106ers activities whilst in SVN to be included in "Members' Photos"? If it's not too much, simply email it to webmaster.association@106fdwksp.com or else copy images onto a CD/DVD and send via Oz Post (contact the Webmaster for the mailing address). We can process any format!

  • You can send as many images as you like but your Album will be limited to 50 max. of the best quality, so send in as high resolution as possible. It would be appreciated if you could also send info about the pictures like Who? What? and Where?